Saturday, February 03, 1990

Jus d'Amour Blues

Jus d'Amour Blues (For Jeff)

12-bar blues in B-motherfucking-flat. Or C. C would be fine. A is very nice, too.

Verse1: (Courtesy of Jeff Sabo. Credit where credit is due.)
Well I woke up this morning,
Made my way to the door;
But what's that on the carpet?
It's a pool of jus d'amour.

Oh shit!
No, I don't like that one bit.
Gonna drag Mr. Fluffy to the vet
And get him a double snip. (Orchiectomy, baby!)

I like it in the morning.
I like it late at night.
And a little bit at lunchtime
Can make you feel alright.

Oh, I got the jus!
You should get you some, too.
When you got your jus d'amour,
You just can't be feeling blue.

******Random G***** (1 measure)


My woman cried this morning
Cuz she was feeling down.
Her friend told her I was sharing
My jus d'amour around.

Oh, baby, please!
I swear on my bended knees.
My jus d'amour is special
And your friend is just a tease.

When I woke the next morning.
I didn't feel quite right.
My woman did me like Mr. Fluffy
While I was drunk last night!

Now I'm forever out of jus.
If ya wanna keep your jus d'amour,
You'd better stay true blue!


Alternate verse: (It's "alternate" cuz Ronnie won't let me have Flo be in a "real" verse. Yeah, like this is a "real" song, anyway!)
I saw Ms. Flo this morning
And confessed that it was true.
She told me she had no sympathy
That I was out of jus.

Alternate chorus:
Friendless for sure!
It's me they all abjure.
Now I'm so blue and lonely
Without my jus d'amour!

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