Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Bread (or rice) pudding and whiskey sauce

This is kinda how I make it. Not necessarily a rigorous recipe.

Bread (or Rice) Pudding


Milk - 2c

Butter - 1~2 stick(s) I like butter; I use 2.

Sugar - 2c

Egg - 6

Bread (or rice) - 2~3 cups. I break my (stale, preferably  French) bread with my hands into smallish chunks. Some people just like it cubed. That’s too “bready” for me.

Salt - pinch

Vanilla - some

Lemon (or any citrus) zest - some

Lemon (or any citrus) juice - a squeeze

Cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. – optional

Raisins – optional

Nuts –very optional. I don’t use ‘em.

Mix the wet stuff together. (Soften/melt the butter.) Add the bread (or rice) [and raisins/nuts]. Bake at 350 for an hour in a 13X9.

Serve warm with warm whiskey sauce.

Whiskey Sauce

Butter- 1 stick

Sugar – 1 c

Egg – 1

Vanilla - some

Lemon (any citrus) zest - some

Lemon (any citrus) juice - squeeze

Booze – chef’s choice. My last batch had some Grand Marnier and Amaretto (Maybe an ounce of each. I just pour til it feels right.) to add flavor to the larger amount of Jack Daniels (probably half a cup).

Cream the butter and sugar over low heat. Beat the egg  and add it to the butter/sugar, along with the vanilla, zest, and juice. Once that all marries, add the booze gradually until you get the taste you want. You can stop at this point. I like to cook it all together for a few minutes longer.

Many people like a milk/cream-based sauce. This is not  that.

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