Saturday, January 01, 2000

Spanish Moon


Intro – congas, drums, bass, organ, guitar, big horns


Verse 1:

Well the night that I got into town
Was the night that the rain had froze on the ground
Down the street I heard such a sorrowful tune
Comin' from the place they call the Spanish Moon

Horn riff

Verse 2:

Well I stepped inside and stood by the door
While a dark-eyed girl sang and played the guitar
There was hookers and hustlers they filled up the room
I heard about this place they call the Spanish Moon


Whiskey and bad cocaine

Poison get you just the same

And if that, that don’t kill you soon

The women will down at the Spanish Moon


Ride syncopated dotted notes on keys, then horn section, then guitar
[Here’s where mashup tunes go if doing mashup]

Well, I pawned my watch, and I sold my ring
Just to hear that girl sing
Don't care who, you can wake up ruined
You can lose it all down at the Spanish Moon



Outro to just bass + drums

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