Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Name Game

Taken from Randi. All entries to begin with the first letter of your name.

1. What is your name? Frank

2. 4-letter word? Fuck, of course

3. Vehicle? Ferrari 599 GTB (But really, I'm not that much of a conspicuous consumer. I'd be happy with a Lotus Elise, preferably in that fabulous tiger paint job.)

4. City? Frankfurt. Well, maybe Fort Myers, it's warmer there and they're not German.

5. Boy's name? Ferdinand (one of my uncles carries this name)

6. Girl's name? Freya

7. Occupation? Fucker (professional, of course)

8. Something you wear? Franck Sorbier, haute couture, no prĂȘt a porte pour moi

9. Celebrity? Frankie Ford, the New Orleans Dynamo

10. Food? Farce, like turducken

11. Something found in a bathroom? Fixtures

12. Reason for being late? Fucking - never to be interrupted simply for the sake of being on time. How gauche.

13. Cartoon character? Ferdinand the bull

14. Something you shout? Fuck, of course

15. Animal? Freckled crawfish (cambarus maculates). Delicious in bisque, etouffe, boiled... You get the idea!

16. Body part? Fornix (for me, it's the fornix in the brain, not the ones in the vagina cuz I don't have one of those… of my own, that is)

17. Word to describe you? Fucked-up

1 comment:

  1. Frank - wasn't that fun?? I wish I had such a fun name as "F" - and could be late for all the reasons stated ;)