Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Non-con (North) is done; long live the (next) non-con

Well, I hardly know where to begin. Being the long-winded jackanapes that I am, I wanna write and write and write in excruciating detail about the weekend. But I'm tired; so I'll start with a brief post.

First, I wanna thank everyone for attending. *YOU* made my weekend with your presence. It was exquisite.

Second, at a practical level, I wanna thank everyone for their time, effort, and contributions, in all their various forms. I barely did any cleaning after the Saturday night party. Merci beaucoups to those who jumped in and did all that. And our basement family room was full of kids and food and videogames and action but somehow it looked pretty darned good "the morning after," better than it usually looks! Thanks to those of you who cleaned my house for me.

Those are practicalities and I appreciate them mightily and I thank you with all my might. However, what truly made the weekend was the camaraderie. You are the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and I love you all and thank you for your company because you make me a better person and that's a damned difficult thing to do!

Merci beaucoup, grazie mille di cuore, bolshoi spaseba, obrigado, danke, domo arigato gozaimasu, vobis gratias, etc.

See y'all again soon!

And I'll compose lengthy, incomprehensible, personal, steam-of-consciousness posts about the weekend later in the week. The cops'll probably issue a BOLO. (Be On The Lookout)


P.S. And part 3 of my math rant is still in progress. Be afraid, be very afraid.

P.P.S. You NCN attendees are now all honorary krewemembers of the Krewe of The Zombie Princess! Welcome, me hearties!

P.P.P.S. No! Being part of the ZP krewe is NOT like being on the Flying Dutchman; it's not like that at all. It's much, much worse!

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