Friday, March 14, 2008

13 13s

I don't really do the whole Thursday Thirteen thing but I felt like doing this today.

Apollo 13 (‘nuff said)
Mercury 13 (women of the Mercury-era astronaut corps)
Louis XIII of France (think Richelieu, Descartes, the Three Musketeers)
13th Warrior (a fine movie of a delightful book – “Eaters of the Dead”)
Triskadekophobia (Don’t you love Greekification to make things sound ever so much more *significant*?)
13th root (13 is the first prime number over 10 such that the last digit of a 13th integer power is the same as the last digit of its 13th root)
Chromosome 13 ( info here)
13 colonies (later became the United States of America)
Chapter 13 (type of bankruptcy)
PG-13 (movie rating)
13 Ghosts (a bad 60s horror movie made into a terrible 2000s horror movie)
Thirteen Days (a movie of the Cuban missile crisis)
Carbon-13 (unluckier than Carbon-14)

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