Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An award? Wow!

You like me. You really like me!

My wonderful wif [sic - personal joke] has given me an award. I substituted her image for a more... ummmnnn... *personal* one.

I'm not gonna pass it on. I feel completely inadequate to that task but I do sincerely appreciate being on the receiving end.

Wow! That's a big gun, Mr. Eastwood! But mine's bigger, as alluded to in E here.

That's right. I *never* pass on an opportunity for the cheap joke. It's one of my primary charms characteristics.

(Thanks, SAM, for the image.)


  1. The saying goes that if you have to brag about it, it ain't worth bragging about.

  2. Okay, I came within a hair's breadth of ignoring my mother's training and saying something scandalous in response to Scott's comment, but I'll refrain. I'll tell you later, Frank.

    Interesting that you spell "wif" that way. I always see it with two F's.

  3. Mine's from "The Abyss" when he's typing on his sleeve-pad in the hydrofluorocarbon suit while pressure-affected and his typing is for shit. Like mine.

  4. Just locker room humor. The first liar doesn't stand a chance.

  5. I mistakenly typed hydrofluorocarbon in my previous comment. I should have said perfluorocarbon. My bad. Breathing hydrofluorocarbon would make for a SHORT dive. (grin)