Friday, March 14, 2008

Music to dance to. Kinda.

OK, I admit that I'm insane. This is better than that addictive "Numa, Numa" thing the kids burned into my brain a while back, which IMO is a strong contender for lamest live performance video ever. At least these guys (Loituma) just sing. Northern Europe rules and Eastern Europe drools!

levan Polkka

Try it. You'll love it. For a while, anyway. This should be in the dictionary as part of the definition of "catchy."

Brought to you (through me) by Aunt Jorene and Uncle Moritz. Blame them!


  1. Yep, Ievan Polkka is really catchy. BTW, you can find the lyrics here, both the Finnish original and the English translation.

  2. Thanks. I had already found a(nother) website with dual lyrics but it's always good to have alternate sources.

    Walking to that tune must make for some spirited walking!