Friday, March 14, 2008

My life as an alphabet. I am not a dog.

Explanation for the esoteric/obscurity-impaired: The title of this post is a play on the movie title "My Life As a Dog."

ABC meme taken from Kelli:

A - Available?
For what? Adventure? Sure!

B-Best friend?
Not spouse? Bob, of course. Mr. Toilets. The Bobster. Bob-aloo. Captain Blacktoes. My longtime partner in crime. The only person foolish enough to consistently agree when I say, "Hey! Ya know what we should do?"

C-Cake or Pie?
Pie. (or Pi. I like 'em both.) Lemon meringue, key lime, Boston cream, ...but red velvet cake is good, too, as is wedding cake...

D-Drink of choice?
Nonalcoholic - Coke, maybe lemonade+tea. Alcoholic, I guess kir royale.

E-Essential thing used everyday?
My dick.

F-Favorite color?
6438.4696 angstrom units (cadmium red).

G-Gummi bears or worms?
I say YES to all gummis. The crystal craze gummis are especially good in cheap red wine at sunset in the Caribbean, but only if you're already drunk.

New Orleans. The Crescent City. The City That Care Forgot. The Home of the Blues. The Big Easy. The Paris of the Americas. I could go on.

Local, class, plenary, partial? When you ask a(n ex)Catholic this question, ya gotta be specific. I'll take "plenary" for eternity, please, Alex.

J-January or February?
They're both in the middle of fucking Winter. I hate 'em both.

K-Kids and names?
Marjorie and Chloe.

What about it? The cereal? A prison sentence? Again, the lack of specificity makes this difficult to respond to.

M-Marriage date?

N-Number of siblings?
3 living, 1 dead. Marjorie (RIP), [me], Christine, Charles, Judy.

O-Oranges or apples?
Blood oranges. Of course, I wouldn't turn down a nice Granny Smith, especially if it's a Jaclyn Smith. (She must be a granny by now, right?) Nice apples.


"Sometimes ya just gotta say, 'What the fuck.'" Ok. Updated/changed cuz I just reminded myself of this one. From the movie Ed Wood: "Lemme hear ya call Karloff a cocksucker."

R-Reason to smile?
Ronnie. (And look! Her name also starts with an R. It must be Intelligently Designed. Ok, maybe not.)

Summer. Is there any other worth discussing? (And look! It starts with an S. It must be... Oh, never mind!)

T-Tag three people?
No thanks.

U-Unknown fact about me?
Hmmmnnnn, I applied to the Air Force Academy (and was accepted) before I decided to be a pacifist. Oops.

V-Vegetable you don't like?
Am I limited to just one? This is my least favorite food group.

W-Worst Habit?
Just one? Lazy^infinity.

X-X-rays you have had?
Only dental.

Y-Your favorite food?
Crawfish bisque.

Western - Bull. Eastern - Rat. Not the killer. Not the killer AT ALL!


  1. I followed you over here from Kelli Traaseth's blog, and love your answers. Your "e" 'bout made me snot myself. Loved the indulgence dilemma, too. I loved the best friend comment. Good friend!

    I'm Kelli's friend, Sandra, from Albuquerque.
    My alphabeticals are

  2. You are absolutely my favorite ex-Catholic and keeper of the holy heated throne. Sure to be a legend for your answer to E. I would ask if dick has a name, but that seems sort of redundant.

  3. Hmmmmnnnn, now ya got me thinking about having a huge "Name that dick!" contest with fabulous prizes. Well, maybe decent prizes. Ok, probably some pathetic prizes, like Hostess snoballs, especially if one of our Canuck brethren comes up with the winning sobriquet. Craig and Gillian seemed to love 'em! (snicker!)

    I'm gonna stew on that for a bit.