Sunday, April 06, 2008

Life meme

Stolen from Laura.

1. What is something you have learned in the last 6 months?
When helium-4 is cooled below 2 K (0 K is absolute zero), it becomes a superfluid and it will climb up the sides of the container. Now I've know about this behavior for years; but what I recently learned is that this odd behavior is a Clausius-Clapeyron relation which is inexplicable by "normal" physical models and can only be understood as a phenomenon of quantum mechanics. That's pretty fucking cool.

2. Name the last food you tried for the very first time. Did you like it?
Maison d'or sauce, like they used to serve at Antoine's. It was pretty tasty.

3. If money, time, responsibilities, and obligations were not considerations, what would your life look like right this minute?
I'd be sitting in the cockpit of my Lagoon 42 (sailing catamaran) named Schrodinger's in the middle of a pleasant multi-day trip from my home on St. Croix. And my dinghy would have the name "Live Cat" painted on the port side and "Dead Cat" on the starboard. And the staterooms would be labelled Quantumstateroom 1, Quantumstateroom 2, etc. And I'd call the saloon The Hilbert space. And all the electronics would be hung from bra-kets. And... well, I guess I'll stop there. I don't wanna beat the theme to death. (grin)

4. Working within your limitations, what things could you do to create some of the feelings you would expect to have if you were living your dream life?
Within my limitations? Limitations? Hey! What kinda lame-ass meme is this? Did the Scientologists originate it or something? If you're not living your dream life, you're doing it wrong. Maybe you're not currently doing the precise *activity* you'd enjoy engaging in; but you sure as hell better be living your life cuz if you're not, then you're living someone else's life. That sucks.

5. Is there a current goal on which you are working?
Helping the girls reach their maturity/independence.

6. What is one thing you could get up and do right this minute to put you closer to your goal?
Stop doing this meme and hang out interact with the girls.

7. Is there something stopping you from doing that one thing right this second?
Just finishing this question. See ya! Hey, girls, whatcha doin'?


  1. So do you know in what cases absolute zero can occur naturally? And how can something be a negative temperature if nothing can be colder than absolute zero? Also, I had no idea that there is a zeroth law outside of fiction. Do you know which came first? Also, if a zeroth law is more fundamental than the others, but wasn't discovered until after the others (hence not making it the first law to begin with) what if an even more fundamental law is found? What are they going to call it then?

  2. Hey, Linda,

    Sorry I'm a bit slow in responding but I've been a little under the weather and we've had family stuff going on, as usual. Life takes precedence over blogging. (grin)

    So, to answer your questions, I have no knowledge of getting to 0 K in the real world. As for getting below that, I've seen talk about getting a system with all spins pointing down, then flipping some of them up and that, theoretically, would drop the energy state further, although "temperature" in that kind of discussion is sort of a separate quantity. Maxwell's demon is a thought experiment which kind of explores the second law of thermo. If you have a tidbit to share, I'd love to hear it.

    The zeroth law of thermo definitely came before Asimov's robotics zeroth law. I've read things where people talked about a high-level negative first law but I've never heard of one in actuality.

    And as a side note, I learned to spell it "zeroeth." That seems to be archaic now. Oh well, I also learned to spell tomorrow as "to-morrow." Guess I'm archaic. I still capitalize the seasons and double consonants when creating gerunds from words with one vowel one consonant: travelling not traveling.

  3. I don't wanna beat the theme to death.

    How could you tell?

    That was an awesome series of puns, BTW... Seen this?

  4. Hey! I assume you visited from Toast's blog. Welcome. And my apologies if you actually read my math rant. This blog is kind of the external dumpsite of that space between my subconscious and somewhere even less pleasant.

    I like your question, a nice continuation of the joke. This is my eigenstate and I'm sticking to it!

    Thanks for the link to lolcats. I often find them funny and that's a good one.

    See ya at the Toast castoff party?

  5. I assume you visited from Toast's blog. Welcome. And my apologies if you actually read my math rant.

    Yep. And no apologies necessary - I appreciate a good rant.

    I probably won't be @ the castoff... I'm a friend of a friend of Toast's; our mutual friend has invited us both to meatspace events, but so far our paths have never crossed.