Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speaking of pseudoscience redux

Ronnie challenged me to do this Taurus list (I assume) in preference to the April one I blogged here.

Ok. Here goes:

disciplined Nope
hard-working Nope
good sense of humor Yep
prudent Hmmmnnn. I'll say yep in the context of thoughtful about decisions and actions, not jumping into things without thinking first.
great work-ethic Nope
artistic Appreciate art in all its forms but have no personal talent whatsoever. Nope
loving Yep
creative Kinda
romantic Kinda
sensual Yep
Very sexual Yep
attentive Yep
comforting Yep
strong Physically, mentally, emotionally? Yep, yep, nope
steady Consistent, anyway
introverted Yep
organized Yep
cautious Yep
harmonious Yep
trustworthy Yep
calm Yep
tenacious Yep
stable Yep
patient Yep
resourceful Nope
easygoing Yep
careful Yep
dependable Yep
honest Yep
conservative Fuck no!
determined Yep
loyal Yep
protective Yep
practical Yep
controlling Nope
stubborn Yep
gets stuck in ruts Yep
resentful I dunno. I'll go with Yep
possessive Yep
overindulgent Yep
jealous Sometimes
overly self-conscious Yep

If you eliminate the synonyms, those "yeps" become a far smaller number than they seem to be at first glance.


  1. Hmm. Well, I'm a Capricorn. (A goat, yeah, great.) I don't remember specifics, but there's a lot of type "A" kinda stuff in most of the descriptions of Capricorn that I've read. Nothing like me at all. I just figured I was a Capricorn with a Gemini rising and my moon in Virgo with Mercury in the House of the Rising Sun. Or something like that. :/

  2. Hi, Laura,

    Like I said in my root post: Aside from my basic situation as a bull, I have my mojo rising and my moon is sticking out the car window, glistening in the sunlight and distracting passing motorists. As long as Captain Ahab doesn't drive by and mistake it for his nemesis, I'll be ok. (We live in the Great Northwet-and-grey and I only tan when we're on tropical adventures. I think the albedo of my butt is about .9!)