Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This and that about me (and you?)

Arun recently posted an interesting meme on his blog. He also linked it to one he did a while back. I'm combing the two of them here. Feel free to post yours in the comments section or take it home with you and post it there. If you do take it with you, please leave me a comment so I can find yours. Begin:

“I live in…” Seattle area
“The last time I had a huge belly laugh with my child(ren) was when…” I told them that their mom and I were gonna have “hot dinosaur sex” for my birthday.
“My mother would often tell me…” You can’t hear with your mouth open.
“To be the sort of parent I aspire to being, I find myself becoming more…” relaxed.
“If I had a two-week, fully-paid holiday with absolutely no responsibilities and no kids, I would…” Only two weeks? We typically take MUCH longer vacations than that. Well, *with* the kids. However, to simply answer the question: I guess I’d like to repeat our honeymoon, when my wife and I spent two weeks sailing out of St. Martin (in the Caribbean) alone on a lovely Nautor-Swan sailboat. Ahhhhhh…
“A book that profoundly impacted on my life is…” The Bible was foisted on me as a kid. My life was profoundly impacted when I realized it was a bunch of crap.
“I secretly would like to…” Hmmnn, I dunno if I have any “secret” wishes; they’re all pretty much open and shared. I’ll answer “go into space” cuz that’s my dearest, unfulfilled personal wish.
“At my funeral I want…” a seriously great party with a kick-ass rock band, great Cajun food, and a hosted bar filled with top-shelf booze. All the good-looking women [and they're ALL good-looking, especially when you're dead] will take a turn dancing with me (my ashes in an urn, that is). Come morning, after a long night of partying when everybody is mostly too drunk to stand, they put my ashes in a radio-controlled sailboat, douse it with gasoline, and give me a “Viking funeral.” Ronnie, MJ, and Chloe will shed a tear or two as I blaze my way toward the sunrise horizon [Isn't that just like me to go East when you're *supposed* to "go West"?] but mostly they’ll laugh about all the good times we had. That ought to do it.

And the other half (previous one):

“I am…” the Walrus. Koo-koo, ka-choo! Sorry; I couldn't resist. I'm really more like the Carpenter. Oysters are yummy in either case.
“Right now I am in…” –sane. Tomorrow's forecast: idem. But we're having fun, so what the heck?
“Most people do not know that I…” [Updated 1/10 in ALL CAPS] USED TO generally believe that I'm a failure and a total waste of perfectly good oxygen BUT HAVE SINCE REALIZED THAT I'M A WORTHWHILE, HAPPY PERSON, DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH MY FAMILY.
“I am passionate about…” eradicating willful ignorance. I have no anticipation of success but it's something I feel.
“Decades from now, when my children think of me, I hope that they remember…” that I love them. Everything else is inconsequential.
“My soul feels warm and I have a big smile when I remember…” quiet, intimate times with my wife and daughters. (sigh!)
“If I could go back in time and give one piece of advice to myself when I was 18 years old it would be to…” stop listening to others and societal expectations *right now*. Take some time and just *think*. Follow your (my) heart.
“I think that the most important thing about life is…” experiencing it.


  1. i love these things! cool to learn a little bit about you through these reflections...

  2. fun!