Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekend, Earth Day, Baseball, Climate Change

Wow! What an impressive list of topics to cover in one post! (grin)

Well, I was gonna compose a post about this weekend but others already did it better than anything I could spew so just read all about it here and here and here. Basically, it was a swell time and I'd love to do it again. Soon.

So, here's another topical bloggable topic: Earth Day. For Earth Day, Ronnie and I had a date to a Mariner's baseball game while the girls indulged in their version of "Home Alone!" I love the M's and I love their new(ish) stadium. Interestingly, in celebration of Earth Day, they played the first-ever carbon-neutral major league baseball game. And the M's won. Cool!

We had a nice time, watching the game and eating overpriced ballpark food. A divine American experience.


  1. Nothin' better than a ballgame. It never changes. It's the same game you played as a child and the same game that you will play in your mind as you age.

  2. I have never been to a MLB game!!! This has "total blast" written all over it.

  3. Woops - was accidentally posing as the balloonatik... I don't think she cares about baseball. We'll have to work on her... twist her arm and such like!

  4. Scott, you got to go to a bunch of Spring training games in beautiful Arizona. Ronnie and I have tickets to a few games here. Yeah, I enjoyed playing as a kid and then playing softball as an adult and going to a major league game is special. AAA games have more immediacy and grit but the show is... well, it's THE SHOW.

    Craig, well, Hell!, let's plan an outing to a game. Effie and Fergaloomispoopadoo can stay with the girls; they'd have a swell time. Then, we 4 can go to a game, alone, as adults. Wow! Gillian would LOVE the experience, even if she's not a baseball fan. Safeco Field is truly a temple of the church of baseball. It's beautiful. And it's just delightful being at a game and enjoying the entire breadth of the spectrum of the experience.