Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello from New Orleans

It's hot. It's like Africa hot.

Not really. It's been cloudy and more temperate than expected. Big thunderstorm in N.O. proper but I'm at Judy's on the North shore, just cloudy and not so humid/hot. Hooray!

Lotsa Law and Order with the dad unit. Better than old episodes of Gunsmoke! Saw Paul's new baby. Maybe I'll have a poboy for lunch today, after Chrissy's jambalaya yesterday. Party on, dudes.


  1. We miss you! Love to all the coonasses!

  2. I'm in Washington and you're not. That ain't right.

  3. Hope you're having a grand time down south. We're heading down there soon!

  4. oh yeah! BIG fan of Law and Order! There are few episodes that I haven't seen!

  5. Ronnnie,

    Lots of coonass love back atcha!


    What are you doing in WA? Have fun, anyway!


    Happy packing and travelling and settling in!


    We laughed over some other stuff, too, yesterday. Dad loves Bones and House and so do I, so Monday night was fun. With a little sherry to make it even nicer! Dad's a junkie for Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry. (grin)