Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pathological science revisited

A while back I wrote a post about gullibility and charlatans and, in passing, I mentioned cold fusion. It was just a coupla lines in a lengthy post but, because I was snide about cold fusion, Jed from lenr-canr responded, defending cold fusion research and insisting that cold fusion was not pathological science. I was shocked that somebody other than my family and a coupla friends actually read my blog but manfully responded to his comments with a bit more commentary of the cynical kind.

Jed responded at great length, defending cold fusion and the validity and repeatability of current research in that area. I let it go. Life's too short to spend time arguing about cold fusion. Well, imagine my surprise, after Jeb had assured me of the thousands of repeatable cold fusion experiments and articles, when I saw this article, which states, in part:

A Purdue University panel that reviewed misconduct allegations against a scientist who claims he produced "tabletop fusion" has concluded that "several matters merit further investigation."

The finding was announced without elaboration in the case of Purdue nuclear engineering professor Rusi Taleyarkhan.

He published research in 2002 saying he had used a simple tabletop experiment to unleash fusion, the force that powers stars. He has come under fire since then because other scientists have tried without success to reproduce his fusion work.

Not repeatable?

Oh dear! And this guy got money from the Office of Naval Research, one of the successes Jeb was bragging about in his defense of cold fusion research. Oops. The standard defense?

Taleyarkhan said other scientists have replicated his work and accuses his critics of conflict of interest, jealousy and other motives.

Yeah, My perpetual motion machine really works, too, but those damned smartass critics with physics degrees and shit like that are suppressing me cuz they're working for the entrenched power structure, and they're jealous, plus they have "other motives." It's those fucking hot fusion hooligans again! I think they belong to the Illuminati. Bastards.

I've enjoyed blogging about numeracy, music, this war, me (most of my posts, really), HDS (one of my faves!), the upcoming election, the LIFEisGood unschooling conference, and a whole lotta other stuff. (But mostly ME!) I never thought I'd waste my time making a second post about cold fusion. Don't I have something more meaningful to do?

Yeah, I do. I think it's time for some HDS. Or maybe Flavor of Love is on TV. Ooooohhhh! Public Enemy rules! Ya know, I'll hafta check their oeuvre to see if they have a tune about cold fusion. That'd be righteous.

Later, 'gators!


  1. I have found one perpetual motion machine - it continues to daily drain my bank account.

  2. Frank,

    Taleyarkhan's work isn't "cold fusion."

    If you want to know more, this would be good to read The New Energy Times Special Report on Bubble Fusion/Sonofusion

    It's over here:


  3. The Navy is also spending money on this fusion project:

    Fusion Report 13 June 008

  4. This is really fascinating to me. I thought this kind of stalk-ish behavior was the province of Scientologists or Amway cult members but it seems that any mention of "cold fusion" brings defenders from all corners of the 'net. Amazing.

    Well, any time I wanna increase my readership numbers, I know what topic to blog about. VBG.

    Meanwhile, like I said in the other post, I'll continue with my regular activities and keep half-an-eye on the Seattle paper for an ad from my local appliance store offering a great price on the all-new "Mr. Fusion."

    I ain't holding my breath.