Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ave atque vale

I dunno just how to categorize or described my present position/feelings. It's dizzying.

I returned from New Orleans last Saturday night in order to wake Sunday morning to load the car, hitch up the tent trailer, and drive/ferry to the radical unschooling campout on Saltspring Island in the Gulf Islands of B.C., Canada. Having just returned home from that outing, I have one week at home to fix all the stuff that broke while I was in New Orleans and visit with my wife and kids because next Sunday I'll be flying back to the Southland to do the boat delivery that was supposed to happen on my previous trip.

Yep. The building deal will (supposedly) close Wednesday, July 23, which will give Bob the money to complete the boat deal soon thereafter. We're planning a boat paperworkfest on Monday or Tuesday, 28th or 29th, followed by boat systems checkout, loading groceries, and slipping the surly bonds of earth, or at least the docklines of the St. Augustine Marina, on July 30th.

Right. St. Aug. I didn't type that by accident unfortunately. During the schedule slip, the boat has moved from Ft. Lauderdale, the original plan, to St. Augustine, adding several hundred miles to our passage, all against the Gulf Stream. Woe betide the weary mariners! Sigh. My life is so fucking hard!

As of tonight, I'm planning to return to Seattle for the weekend of August 16/17 so I can at least say goodbye to the kids as they head off to NBTSC. Then Ronnie and I can have a nice wedding anniversary. (Without the kids! I'm not sure we'll know what to do!) Following that, the kids'll return and we'll pack our bags for Live and Learn - plus Italy and Ireland directly on the heels of L&L - finally returning home in early October.


Of course, all that subsequent stuff assumes I'll have a successful boat delivery. Across the Gulf of Mexico. In August. What are the odds?

As Booker T. said (ignoring English grammar but still making his point succinctly), "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all!" But maybe my hurricane luck has changed. Maybe.

I sure fucking hope so!


  1. Will Dolly have any affect on your plans?

  2. So, if I've got this right, Dolly will be gone, over, fini? Okay ... that could be your luck turning. Hopefully!

  3. Thanks for checking in, y'all. Dolly is a nonissue, being over in the West and dying out over land right now. We'll be on the East coast of Florida during the first week of August, transitioning to the Keys. It'll be the second week and into the third that we'll be jumping off from Key West out across the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. That's when we'll hafta look carefully at the forecast cuz we'll be offshore for about a week. Stuff that's starting to spin up now or in the next week is what might have some effect on our trip.