Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big Easy news

The Pergo is all down and it looks pretty darned good. I saw Jerry, Cori, and Molly's new home Wednesday; it's very charming and they're a wonderful family. I'm almost recuperated from flooring, which Anita misheard as "fluorine" and expressed her relief that I was recuperating from such a virulent poison.

Dad and I are having another boys' night together. It's very nice to have this time with him.

Bob's final boat deal seems final. Finally. I hope. Guess I'll be heading back down South toward the end of July for the cross-Gulf sail which this trip was supposed to be.

I'll be back to Seattle Saturday night so we can leave for Canada Sunday. The party goes on. Its form may metamorphose but its continuity cannot be denied. In a stochastic universe, you can still count on "big P" the Party constant. That's what comes from being in New Orleans.


  1. I miss you so much! Nobody has said "stochastic" around here FOREVER.

  2. Love you! See you tomorrow!

    I'm still trying to formulate the equation for deriving the value of "P", especially in a nonEuclidian frame. I'll post when I come up with it. I'm sure it'll include some p-branes (not the Reublican kind) and the ability to calculate the area of a Mobius strip and the volume of a Klein bottle.

    Stochastically yours forever!