Friday, July 11, 2008

Learn Nothing Day

Pull down the shades cause it's comin'.
Turn out the lights cause it's here.
Comin' hard down the street,
Through the damned humid heat,
On the hottest night of the year.
(With apologies to Randy Newman for ruining his wonderful song Naked Man.)

Sandra Dodd has created a special holiday to give unschoolers a break. "Normal" people are welcome to join in, too. Reserve July 24th NOW!

And there's even a contest.

I dunno just how the hell I can meet the parameters of this holiday. I'm thinking about going to an anarchocapitalist-neocon meeting and listening to them talk ideology. That should be pretty close to the spirit of the day.

What are you gonna do? Or NOT do?


  1. Frank, I thought about putting a bag over my head for the day, but then I would learn all kinds of things about wearing a bag on your head for a day. And wouldn't I have to stuff my ears with cotton? This would all be pointless, because Helen Keller was able to learn a lot with similar limitations. I will try to Learn Nothing, because schools get a holiday from learning, and unschoolers should as well. Kids: Better start practicing now. This is going to be more difficult than we thought.

  2. Alex and MD Polikowsky made a lego-like guy with a bag on his head here. It's a detail from the video, on my blog. I think he's moonwalking (or his buff power-up cousin is, or something).