Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's that season again

Newsflash from Judy:

As of today, Thursday 8/28, Dad & I will be staying home for the storm. We will probably be joined by Chris, Cori (Jerry's wife), Molly their daughter), Donna (Cori's mom) & Gary (my ex-fiance).Who knows who else may come. Jerry will be staying home to protect the homestead, as he calls "Fort Lewis". Lori, Bobby & their 3 dogs will be by his mom's or grandma's - not too far from here.Paul, Sara & kids don't know what they'll do yet. They live just a few miles from me.We don't have any flooding problems here. Chris & I both have to be ready to return to work shortly after. Fortunately, my turn for "hurricane duty" is way down on the list. We have 3 people out of 11 stay for the storm, usually 3 days. They're talking about evacuations for Saturday. The storm's path is very unsure now. We will know more once it's in the Gulf - Friday or Saturday. We would like it to go wayyyyyy West of us or anything East. I'll try to keep you updated.


  1. Hoping the best for all of them.

  2. Thanks, Scott.

    Hope you're having fun!