Thursday, August 28, 2008

Official boat drink ex post facto

My pal Toast and her merry minions have been fretting over an official boat drink for their beloved Don Quixote.

We never did concoct an official drink for the Zombie Princess but since spacetime is fluid, just like delicious adult beverages, I'll offer one now for your enjoyment.

The Official Zombie Princess drink: The Zombie Princess (of course)

Ingredients list:
1 jigger Absinthe
1 jigger Southern Comfort
3 jiggers chilled simple syrup
Juice of ½ lime
Dash of Tabasco
Sugar (for rim)
Slice of lime
Tanna leaves (3 for life, 9 for movement)
Decorative parasol (umbrella)
Straw (preferably a wacky, twisty one)

Sugar the rim of a large absinthe glass (or substitute 12-oz. highball glass), Pour in 1 jigger of Absinthe. Slowly add 3 jiggers of chilled simple syrup, while stirring. Squeeze in the juice of ½ lime. Add 1 jigger of Southern Comfort. Stir. Dash of Tabasco. Garnish with a slice of lime and tanna leaves. [N.B. Tanna leaves are a fictional creation for the movie "The Mummy" (1932). You cannot actually buy them anywhere.] If you substitute mint leaves for tanna leaves, do NOT crush or bruise them; just use them for garnish. No mint flavor allowed. Add parasol (festive paper umbrella) and (zany) straw. Enjoy! But NEVER, under any circumstances, allow salt to come anywhere near a Zombie Princess!

The signature meal of the ZP would hafta be our (in)famous "Sole Chicken." Sole Chicken is referenced and the recipe given near the end of this post.

Our signature appetizer is crab mousse, recipe near the end of this post.

And I'll hafta talk to Bob and get his ideas for a signature drink for Gort.


  1. Sounds tasty but waaaaaaay too much work. The favored drink of the landyacht SS Gr8Scott would be a Knobber - two ice cubes in a glass add two fingers of Knob Creek. Enjoy with a good Cuban cigar smuggled in to the country on my latest trip to Canada.

  2. If that is THE drink when I join you on a sail then I'm afraid I'll pass out quickly and be no good to you. Perhaps that would be for the best!?!

  3. Scott,

    Simple is good... and tasty. Me, I'd skip the cigar but "de gustibus..."


    This is the drink of the Zombie Princess; we wouldn't (necessarily) drink it on some other boat/cruise. Of course, Bob's boat is GORT, an implacable, interstellar robot with a laser-firing eye-slit. I'm not sure an official GORT drink would be something gentle and friendly.

  4. Okay, but shouldn't the official food be the crab dip? I want crab dip. Where's my CRAP DIP!?

  5. My dear Toast,

    You have the recipe for crab mousse, right? Make some yourself whenever you're in the mood and think of us fondly! We can declare crab mousse to be the signature ZP appetizer, leaving sole chicken free to continue as the signature entree.

    Have a great passage to SF and San Diego and then a great Ha-Ha!