Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fergus bribe

To supplement Zenma's efforts, I hereby introduce my first, magnificent, seductive, official Fergus bribe to try to tempt him into visiting us silly Americans for Halloween. This bribe is for Effie, Gillian, and Craig, too, of course.

Doesn't that look like more fun that sitting in a crowded car, waiting for the ferry, waiting for customs, spending hours on the boring interstate highway? Now, picture yourself, the inestimable Fergus, sitting here instead of the kid who's shown in this photo.

If you were sitting in the right front seat, you could even fly the plane for a while if you wanted to. How cool would that be?

Effie, after a while, we could swap spaces and you could sit in front and fly the plane if you wanted to.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Your friend,


P.S. If I were ever to write a novel as profound long as Moby Dick, it would open with the line: Call me Mephistopheles.

P.P.S. No, I have no actual access to that particular plane; but I could probably get my hands on a sister ship, if y'all were seriously tempted.


  1. Do those fly from So. Cal. too? :)

  2. About 5 hours from San Diego to Corvallis. Another hour or so for Seattle. That plane is a Velocity 4-place aircraft, based on the 1- or 2-place EZE canard pusher design by Burt Rutan, the guy who designed SpaceShipOne, the first private spaceship. The Velocity cruises at about 200 knots (about 230 mph).

  3. Fergus sitting still for 6 hours? Within striking distance of the person controlling the thing?
    Appreciating your efforts...

  4. Ahhh, Craig my dear buddy, I know y'all hafta deal with your reality and won't actually be visiting this Halloween. I accept that as a reality with my intellect. I simply rail against it with my heart because we miss y'all so much. Flying from BC to the US (to check in with Customs) would be about an hour. Flying from here to Corvallis adds another hour after the happy, pleasant, no-stress Customs check (plus bathroom and snacks!). That's it.

    The 5~6 hours would be for a flight from San Diego to Corvallis or Seattle. Or vice versa.

    By contrast, it'd typically take a coupla days to sail from BC to Seattle and in the neighborhood of two weeks to sail from Seattle to San Diego. More, coming from SD to Seattle.

  5. Frank I bow to your impressive bribing technique. You have TOTALLY one upped me. But I'll still keep on trying. ;-)