Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For Robin

Regarding the photo on this post, Robin teasingly asked,

"Is Ronnie wearing a fur wedding dress with lace at the wrists? How decadent. :-)"

Ok, I shoulda been prepared with a nouveau-crunchy-hippie, fur-is-death defense right on that post but, yes, that is a fur coat. It's ranch-bred animals, mostly mink with silver fox at collar and shoulders. Beyond that, I offer no defense. We bought that coat when we were DINKs and could afford it. I'd buy it again today, if I had the money. Ronnie looks transcendentally beautiful in it. Mustelids are the nastiest animals in the world; they should all be turned into warm coats instead of being allowed to run around in the world. So there.

The wedding dress she wore, the wrist of which you see in that photo peeking out from under the coat, looks like this:

It ain't too shabby a look itself, is it?

P.S. (10/30/08) While I'm in defensive mode explaining things, lemme state for the record that in the photo on the other post, you'll see me in a tuxedo. It's not a rental; it's my tux. The bow tie is not a clip-on; it's hand-tied. IMO, rental tuxes and clip-on bowties are nekulturny. Ok, datzawl.


  1. Just as beautiful today as then...

  2. Wow. See? That is the same exclamation I used about the armadillo cake, which proves how sleepy I am, 'cause Ronnie looks so lovely, and that cake looked tasty, but ugly.

    I must be getting old -- the wedding photos make me a bit weepy, they're so lovely. Arrgh. Where's my thesaurus?