Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gort delivery photos

I finally just dumped all the photos I took on our sailing trip to flickr. No labels or titles; but they're in reverse chronological/trip order, so they start in New Orleans and go backwards to St. Augustine. (I dunno why they're reversed; this is my first time using flickr.) They're here. Trip report with selected photos is here.

It's getting cold here. Well, Northwest cold - dipping into the 40s at night and reaching only the mid-50s in the daytime. Trees are turning. Holidays are crowding up like oblivious bovines following the Judas goat into the chute. Wish I were back on that boat. With Ronnie and the girls. Heading South down the sailors' I-65. (This refers to the fact that the classic offshore route to the Lesser Antilles from the East coast of the US is to sail East-ish until you hit 65 degrees West Longitude then "drive" South along this nautical "I-65" til you hit the Leeward Islands, usually the Virgins.)

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