Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Home again, home again...

poor as churchmice!

We're back from Europe; it was fabulous but expensive. Well, what else is new? Gotta settle back into real life here, then I'll blog a bit about stuff we saw and did.

Having just returned from the European Union, I have a great new international joke for y'all:

Sarah Palin

Yep! And I thought that we couldn't possibly bemuse/amuse the world any more than we had with Emperor George the Second for the last seven years. What a fucking joke.


  1. Welcome back!!! Don't feqr, Sarah Palin will be a has-been in a month.

  2. She's so funny that the jokes and impersonations are redundant.

    Here in rural Virginia, the McCain/Palin signs are everywhere. I want a yard sign that says, "Really? Are you sh*tting me?"