Monday, October 27, 2008

Seems like old times

The extended Maier family of my dad's generation is putting together a family cookbook and, in addition to recipes, they wanted each of us to send in a little writeup with some photos of our particular nuclear ( pronounced nuke-lee-ur, not nuke-you-lur) family. While digging through our archives for suitable shots, I came across this from our wedding a bit more than 18 years ago. I felt compelled to share it here.

Wow! Check those crazy kids!

Love you even more now than I did then, sweet potato, and that's saying something!


  1. Good one, Frank! Very cute....

  2. aw man you guys are so cute!! :)

  3. Sweet!

    Is Ronnie wearing a fur wedding dress with lace at the wrists? How decadent :-)

  4. Love it!!! And, ya know, fur is just...luscious...

  5. What an amazing photo! I love it! You look so happy!