Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lies, damned lies, and, ummmnnn, lies

Ok, I gotta get this off my chest. We picked on Craig, Gillian, Effie, and Fergus terribly about noncon and I wanna come clean. When I offered to fly y'all down, I posted those lovely photos of that beautifully painted Velocity and quietly said that I might not be able to get that particular plane but a similar one (sister ship).

The plane I tempted you with:

The actual plane I had in mind:

The guy in the blue lab coat looks worried, doesn't he? But it's ok. That photo is a bit dated. The plane has actually flown since then. A FAA check flight with a professional test pilot counts as "actually flown," doesn't it? The concomitant engine fire was really very small. Hardly worth mentioning.

However, I freely admit that there was some exaggeration involved in my attempted bribe. Egregious exaggeration is really just a LIE and I do confess it.

I wanna start this new world with a clear conscience and my Catholic upbringing led me to confess to y'all. Now I'm off to say a coupla rosaries and make a flying novena for my penance; I hope that will suffice. Maybe I'll add a coupla ejaculations for good measure. A heartfelt ejaculation is always nice.


  1. For this lie...I don't know. Hopefully these will be enough. If not, I'm sure we'll see you in the afterlife :). Good of you to try to get them to the non-con. And really good of you to come clean in our NEW AGE!!!!!! Obama rocks.

  2. You're forgiven - besides, that plane looks pretty fun... do all the passengers get to pedal?

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