Monday, November 17, 2008

Rated "R" for zombie content?

I did the blog rating thing like Zenma and Ronnie. It gave me a rating of R because it found sex (5x), abortion (2x), and zombie (1x).

They did not mention and therefore apparently have no problem with my constant use of words like fuck and asshole.

Fuckin' assholes!

It's like that other site that rates "readability" which rated my blog "elementary school" level.

Really? You gave me that rating right after my math rant and therefore presumably the rating is based mostly on parsing that. Elementary school? Really?

Fuckin' idiots. I am completely confident that there are flesh and blood humans out there who can NOT pass the Turing test.

Bah, humbug!


  1. Mine is PG for :
    zombie(5), pain(3), and abortion(1). If find this interesting simply because I don't remember writing anything about abortion.

    Who said these ratings were based on knowledge?

    We certainly know they aren't based on wit!

  2. It's interesting that the scoring was similar for me (sex-5, hell-3, zombie-1) but they gave me a PG rating. So it is actually the word "abortion" that upped you to an R status.

    Fucking assholes indeed.

  3. Even after my profanity-laced post, the words that turned up in the rating were not the ones that actually earned me my 'R'. I think they don't have enough room on their rating page to list all the offenders.

  4. Mine was rated g. I had 2 zombies and an ass. Apparently I am a good place for all comers.

  5. -=- I am completely confident that there are flesh and blood humans out there-=-

    What kind of zombie-stalker language is that? You're creepin' me out now.

    -=- I had 2 zombies and an ass.-=-

    Everybody's got an ass, but not everyone has two zombies!

    Okay. My damage is done here. Off to find a rating for my site. It's probably G+, Raffi-fiable, for butterflies and Donovan.