Monday, December 01, 2008

Fours majeure

Ok, I couldn't resist taking this e-mail meme from MIL Mary, giving it this name as a play on force majeure, and doing it here in the blogosphere. Join in if you feel moved to do so.

A) Four places that I go to over and over:
1. Priest Point Beach Club
2. Caribbean
3. New Orleans
4. San Diego

B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:
Hmmmmnn, I'm not very social but stretching it a bit...
1. Ronnie
2. Aunt Jo (she of the mojo!)
3. My old music pal, Big Daddy O
4. Recently, cousin Sonya cuz she's putting together the family cookbook

C) Four of my favorite places to eat:
1. Antoine's
2. Commander's Palace
3. Captain Humble's
4. Dooky Chase's

D) Four other places I would rather be right now:
1. Virgin Islands
2. St. Martin/Sint Maarten
3. Caymans
4. Grenada

E) Four people I think will respond:
Maybe a coupla my infrequent, sparse readership will play along. If they all respond, I might make it to a total of four.

F) Four TV shows I watch:
1. The Daily Show
2. House
3. Heroes
4. Countdown (Keith Olbermann)
Coupla bonuses here since I stiffed you on E)...
5. Rachel Maddow
6. Dexter (kind of a cheat cuz we're too cheap to pay for premium channels so I watch Dexter on DVD when the season is over)
7. Bones


  1. Being one of the "four" I will definitely respond. This will happen after dinner, though.

    Hey, when *are* you all coming down to San Diego!

  2. I have a surprise for you! On Dexter! Check you familyrun.ning mail my friend!

  3. You're lucky to go to the Caribbean frequently....
    I'd watch Bones more frequently, but it's so bloody...started to watch last night and there was a half eaten body....too gory to watch with little girls in the room....