Friday, December 05, 2008

In the year 2012, tax rebellion, food riots, and revolution? Oh fuck!

My unschooler friend Laureen who is a sailor and a birth advocate, among many other things, referenced this post in a recent post of her own. If you don't wanna bother to go read the link, it's a response to the ravings of Gerald Celente who, aside from being your basic nattering nabob of negativism, is probably a closet Scientologist cuz one of his primary beliefs about his the coming revolution is that it'll be fuelled by people who are "wrecked on drugs" [He's speaking of legal, as well as illegal, drugs.] and having a hard time getting more drugs, presumably because of the ruined economy (He predicted that the dollar would drop 90% in value in 2008. Oops! Well, we have a few more days to go. He may yet be proven right. Maybe.), resulting in "a huge underclass of very desperate people with their minds chemically blown beyond anybody’s comprehension."

And these people are supposed to conceive and execute a successful revolution? What a maroon!

These are my responses to Laureen, made public here for your edification or amusement:

Gerald Celente? The "amazing prophet" who predicted that Bush would lose in '04? Yes, he is kinda the Nostradamus of our age. Of course, Nostradamus' "predictions" were all so generic and unspecific you could *interpret* them to mean anything, whereas Celente is just one of those right-wing apocalyptic wackos who spends his time on Faux pseudoNews and the UFO-friendly Coast-to-Coast show spouting endless doomsday predictions and tooting his horn when one of them hits the mark. Hey, a stopped clock is right twice a day, huh?

Added material for this post:
Fun math digression first proposed by Rev. Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll. Which is correct more often: A stopped clock or one which loses five minutes per day? The proof is left as an exercise for the reader. Feel free to assume a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock, as you prefer. Enjoy. Extra credit: Which clock is more useful to the average citizen? Proof?
End post-specific inclusion. Back to original comments.

Celente predicted increasing American apathy and reduced voter turnout in the years after '04 and painted a picture of an increasingly apathetic populace. The '08 turnout was significant and voting was biased toward change and hope. Celente was wrong. Again.

We control our future and it's not set in stone or delimited by the rantings of psychotic chiliasts who are hoping for Ragnarok. As a father, I say, "No!" No to paying attention to the rantings of idiots. No to nihilists.

Yes to life.

(and subsequent comments to a response from her...)

Although I decry the cawing of dystopian crows, I do believe in learning from history. IIRC, the first half-dozen (or more) attempts to colonize what is now California failed because of lack of water. Water is currently provided by our dam system and much of that water goes to irrigation. All of that is creating fields which are being salted (by a variety of salts) over time, not to mention all the agribusiness chemicals added to the mix. At some point, such a system is doomed to failure on any of several fronts.

The Saraha was once fertile. There are a number of rivers which have dried up in the last coupla centuries. And so on. I'm anything but a utopian visionary seeing a rhododactylos eos on the horizon but I do have a basic faith in the "good" side of humanity's makeup. For every Hitler, there's a Gandhi. For every Mengele, there's a Schweitzer. For every Bush, there's a flamethrower. Waitaminit, that's not parallel! Oh well, you get my drift.


  1. Yeah, OK, he's a goob, but the basic idea (of my post and Astyk's), that things are going to hell on greased rails, and that taking care of each other is a vastly better vision than dystopian musings, is still completely sound.

  2. No argument from me on that!

  3. Was that the guy I saw on some interview talking about how the future will look like something out of The Road Warrior?

    Think I'll go rent that. Oh! And Tank Girl!

    Wait -- what were we talking about here?

  4. What a great double feature! I love Tank Girl! It's a terribly underrated/ignored movie! And Road Warrior is the sine qua non of post-apocalyptic movie.

    Have you seen The Quiet Earth? It's a much smaller movie, lower budget, more thoughtful, blah, blah; but I liked it very much.

  5. -=-Although I decry the cawing of dystopian crows-=-

    Holy Crow. Even reading it without moving my lips, I was likely to get "although I decry the cawing of dystropian cows."

    toy boat toy boat toy boat

    When Holly was two or three years old, a friend of ours said she was like Tank Girl, and that movie has had a special angle in our house ever since. Holly seems to have appreciated the identification more and more the older she gets.

    (I like the phrase "I decry the cawing of dystopian crows" but I wouldn't want to have to read it aloud on TV or anything.)

  6. The medium is the message, right, Sandra? My writing style is actually pretty similar to my speaking style but it is a bit more florid sometimes, despite the fact that I've read Horace and know that I'm supposed to avoid the dreaded purpureum pannum. Sometimes, however, I just can't help myself. If we were talking, I'd have said something like, "I don't pay any attention to mewling assholes." But when I'm writing, well, the occasional purpureum pannum will crop up.

    It's my blog and I'll go purple if I want to! (grin)

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  8. Hi, Anonymous,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. Feel free to comment at length on anything you see here.