Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ave atque vale

Quick note while we pack and prepare to return home.

Dad's funeral Friday was very nice and he had a lot more visitors than we expected. We were all holding up pretty well, having shared dad's death together, until the military honor guard played taps. It was beautifully done and my stupid eyes started leaking like a faucet. Then they presented the flag to Jerry, who survived his Bush-inspired visit to the desert and is now a civilian again, and that started another round of waterworks all around.

It was a perfect day and we reminisced together after the cemetery with a get-together at Chrissy's house.

Then, in true New Orleans fasion, on Saturday night we went to see my old buddy Big Daddy O play music. There were 17 of us ranging from my 60 years of age down to nephew Paul's new baby at less than a year. We ate po-boys and other delish foods, consumed delightful adult beverages, and listened to BDO play his heart out. We toasted Marty and celebrated his wonderful life.

Coulda gone to an after-party to celebrate a Radiators anniversary but we were all pretty much ready to call it a night and prep for our return to Seattle. I asked Owen to insult some of the guys for me cuz I haven't seen 'em in years but our get-together had been more about celebrating together for dad than me reconnecting with old music pals.

Good-bye, New Orleans.

Good-bye, Dad. You were the best!


  1. Glad you're coming home. Let's all touch base when you get back to the left coast.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate him. Have a safe trip....