Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Memories of future past

Time and space are fluid and interchangeable; you know that. You don't need me to clutter up this post with a lot of physics, do ya? Cuz I'll do it! Fair warning.

I'm missing my dad and hadda look at some old photos and visualize the parallels between us. From there, I could (in my head) make a little fold in time and see us floating along on the great Temporal River simultaneously instead of serially. It's comforting and lightens my sadness; so you hafta put up with it. Or you could just go read something more entertaining. I've said before that this blog is my psychological dumping ground and right now it's neither upbeat nor engaging. Sorry.

Check back in March for a post which is blithe and amusing. Meanwhile...

Dad in his Army uniform at the end of WWII.

Me in my Marine JROTC uniform during the buildup in VietNam.

Dad's wedding.


Middle-aged kid-on-the-shoulders mode.

Me, too.

Here we are at a more advanced age. Dad's hippie persona is, of course, a wig and a costume.

Mine is pretty much just how I am.

This is the shot we used for Dad's obituary. It's how I tend to remember him.

This is probably an appropriate obit photo for me. I hope my kids remember me this way!


  1. Damn Frank, in that last shot you look just like the guy that lives under the tree outside the RV park. I'm glad you got to spend time with your Dad before he died. I'm sure it helped him to have his family around him.

  2. In spite of your professions that your blog is in no way upbeat or engaging at the moment, I beg to differ!
    The parallel experiences in the photos of you and your dad at the same stages of your lives, opposed to the linear stages....very touching... and smile producing :) Very engaging....

  3. Had a few spare minutes & decided to check out some of this "internet" stuff I haven't had time for. Thanks for the extra cry & smile all at once !! I'm missing Martin J. Maier a lot myself these days, but enjoying the solitude as well. Life is weird.See ya soon.
    Lil sis Judy

  4. a couple of fine looking dudes!

  5. Really great pics and great comparisons! A good laugh!

  6. Linnaea is sitting on my lap and we are looking through blogs together and I just miss y'all. I like missing you. I'll be glad, too, when I get to revel in your company!