Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Say it loud!

I'm American and I'm proud.

(With apologies to the late, great Mr. Dynamite, Mr. Please-Please-Please, man who sang I Go Crazy, man who sang Try Me, the hardest-working man in show business, and the man who sang Say It Loud - Mister James Brown!)

I've certainly never been one of those jingoistic, fascist, exclusivist Americans; but I am an American. However, it's been nearly a decade since I was anything but embarrassed to say so.

Tonight's speech by the president was the first time in a long time that I wanted to watch a presidential address. And ya know what?

Sure, I listened to the concepts, the meat and potatoes. They weren't seasoned perfectly for my taste but they were edible, unlike the swill we've been fed for the last buncha years. And I admired his rhetoric and oratory. Nice to once again have a president who can speak English, too. But ya know what I really and truly noticed?

He smiled. And Joe Biden smiled. And it was genuine.

Think back to the last time you saw Emperor Palpatine Dick Cheney do anything but scowl and denigrate the American populace. Our new government is composed of human beings, real human beings, with real feelings and deep thoughts, not rabid ideologues who'd rather see our country sink into oblivion and destruction than admit that their ideology is flawed, no matter the proof amassed against them. Those ideologues are the YECs of realpolitik.

Ding-dong! They're gone!

I'll hate them forever but what else is new? I still hate mother-fucking Nixon and don't get me started on Ronald Ray-gun. Yes, they left behind an immense hole for us to dig out of. A buncha holes. Fuck it. We can do that. We're Americans, bitch!

So all you radical-right anarchocapitalist dickheads just get back outa the way cuz we got important shit to do. Go have yourselves a pity party on the scrapheap of history. You could make yourselves some Neopuritan Nosh. You might even learn something if you read the associated story.


  1. RORFL= gee and I thought I had a dirty mouth!
    You are fricking funny!

  2. Hi, Alex!

    "Funny" is my middle name. Well, it's my first middle name. It comes before my second middle name, which is "ASSHOLE" according to many people who, when talking to me, say it this way: Funny, asshole! (grin)