Sunday, May 03, 2009

Faux followup

Imprimis, I wanna thank all y'all for your comments. I appreciate them more than you may know.

Secundus, I could write about this guy for weeks but there is one area I want to clarify now. My post just kinda lumped his sociopolitical philosophy together with his faux unschooling. I didn't mean to imply by that that everyone who shares his philosophy is, by definition, a faux unschooler. Au contraire, cher! There are a number of people whose philosophies are closer to his than to mine (fuzzy-thinking, Marxist-wannabe, leftover hippie trying to function in a capitalist society that I am) but who are, nonetheless, real and actual and wonderful unschoolers. For example, Miranda, Stephanie, and Heather.

These, and others, are from a sociopolitical philosophy quite antithetical to mine and similar to his but they are genuine unschoolers. That's the difference. He is a faux unschooler, not because of his life philosophy, but simply because he's an asshole. He'd be an asshole and a faux unschooler if here were a leftover-hippie socialist instead of a Randian "objectivist." So, please, don't misconstrue my barbs at his faux unschooling as barbs at his weltanschauung. Yes, I find it distasteful but that post was not a political exercise; it was about unschooling. I prefer to discuss philosophy, however you define that, face-to-face and well-lubricated with Brobdingnagian quantities of alcohol. It's more fun that way.

Tertius, a couple of folks (You know who you are and I don't wanna call you out for attention in case he ever does find his way here.) commented that this guy was reminiscent of a member of their local ng(s). Here are a coupla comments he made on SSUDs which might give you an idea of how he feels about women.

His quotes are in green.

I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say and to being a part of a list dedicated to dads. I’ve been on a couple of moms lists for quite a while. Those lists have been good at times, but I’ve felt a bit out of place in the discussions with my rational approach to all issues.

Yes, we men are rational creatures, unlike, you know, mere women. If only they'd invent a RealDoll that could cook and clean, life would be perfect. Snicker.

And his comment to a dad who's having problems dealing with his son:

I’m sorry about the problems you’re having with your 10-year-old, Name, but you’re actually not having any problems with your 10-year-old.
Your problem is your wife’s pampering of your son and (probably) believing it is her duty to take care of him. There is no such duty.
In my view, you’ll have to work with her on help-withdrawal, as I outlined in a previous email. Your son simply does not respect your wife for being a toady to his whimsy.
Until she gains the confidence to run her own life as she pleases (possibly with lots of your help), then she’ll continue to pamper – and cause great strain on everyone involved.

Yeah, you betchum, Red Ryder. It's up to us rational men to help the little lady grow a pair of her own (metaphorically speaking, of course) and control that demanding little shit.

And if you really wanna learn more about him and how he thinks, his lair home base is included in this quote/post from SSUDs:

BTW, I have defined “unschooling” for other lists and at my blog: many times.

And a bonus tidbit from his website about you gals: I write about... dating (women say they "love to laugh" - uhuh, well, who the hell doesn't?!)


  1. Hi Frank! Yes I am perfectly ok with the reference back to me! I am actually flattered! I do have strongish political feelings, but I do try hard to stay somewhat diplomatic within my controversy. Still, I'm not everyone's cup o'tea. LOL

    I had heard an anonymous version of that SSUD's conversation. I enjoyed your post very much and hopefully will get time to read your original post.

    PS... I'm Heather, with husband TJ. I think that lots of people don't know me by name but only by screen identity.

  2. Hey Frank,
    No problem, thanks for letting me know.
    I just read the post about faux dad.
    Oh my gosh I feel so sorry for that little girl.

  3. Heather! Yes, I only knew you as SAW but now I know it's Heather. I've corrected the text in my post. Thanks.

    Stephanie, thanks. That was certainly one of the most interesting threads on SSUDs. That guy's off now but he sure stirred some shit while he was active.

  4. I haven't been able to get your last post out of my head. What an ass.
    I hope his daughter is getting some lovin from her momma.
    Thanks for letting us in on it. Plenty of food for thought.

  5. Hi Frank! I think you would find we have a lot more in common philosophically than you think. That guy took what I see as valuable in thoughts like Ayn Rand's and twisted them, seriously. But, since we are not sitting around with drinks in hand by the bonfire, I won't get into it. ;-)
    Oh, and thanks for the food for thought. It will help me for my speech at Good Vibrations!

  6. Wowwww. That's a pretty impressive superiority complex he's got going on there.

    Also, I appreciate you putting "objectivist" in quotes.