Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Ronnie

[A poem for you. It ain't Scarlet Pimpernel quality, in that it doesn't rhyme in four places. Actually, it doesn't rhyme at all. But it's a poem, really. I think. Anyway, it's from the (my) heart. That's gotta count for something.]

You Are

You are:

the sunlight warming my face, reaching me in a bit more than
minute minute minute minute
minute minute minute minute
after origination.

my beguiling moonlight, (reflected stellar luminescence)
illuminating me only a tick more than 1
ONE! A singularity althought not a singularity.
second after its reflection.
(angle of incidence equals angle of reflection)

my glowing starlight,
distant, imperious, seeming cold but originating from furious fusion,
impacting my existence in a timeframe varying from as little as 4+ years
lightyears, that is, frantic wavicles
streaming madly through dark matter on their way here
to quite a large number from departure.

my big G, difficult to measure quantitatively,
but preeminent as one of the essential components of my universe.
The big G stands for [whatever I choose from its multiexistence in superposition]

my e, both
Einstein's e, derived from mc^2,
and the e representing that exquisite physical value –
the elementary charge of a subatomic particle.
elementary, my dear Watson.

more constant than Avogadro's number
and I know you can make better (guaca)mole.
Avogadro and avocado are NOT congruent!
Only one relates to (guaca)mole,
the other relates merely to a (simple) mole.

beyond mere quantum mechanics
What's beyond the edge of existence?
What's beyond the edge of that?
in that you are both a dimensionful and dimensionless constant

my Anthropic principle,
strong vs. weak becoming moot in this context.
No subjective valuation of strong or weak
only what is.

The Observer [watching!]
effecting and affecting my wave-particle duality,
as I am yours. [watching back!]
We achieve complementarity.

the Big Bang of
us=family{Maier}, transcending, somehow,
for OUR quantum
the uncertainty principle.
principles not rules, right?

my universe.
our universe and we're still just in its Planck epoch,
barely moving into our grand unification epoch.

my TOE!

Happy Mother's Day. I love you.

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  1. I love this. It is so *you* and therefore perfect for me.

    Thank you. I love you, too. Mwah!

    P.S. Now will you come and explain a few things to me?

    P.P.S. That postscript wasn't intended as a euphemism, but you can take it as one if you want.