Monday, May 18, 2009

More about Louisiana

You're from South Louisiana if...

When you were a kid your parents gave you a dog for Christmas and you named him Fideaux and you loved him and fed him and played with him for years until one day when he was about 8 ft. long (bigger than all the other dogs in the neighborhood!) your folks said he ran away. Man! Do you miss your sweet doggie. He was a little bit feisty but he was great water dog. Good memories, cher!

(Jerry's friend Mike Chalona pictured. Notice Fideaux's cute homemade leash.)

You heard about dem rich people wit dem koi ponds, spending thousands of dollars for each fish. Mais jamais de ma vie! Silly people. You jes go to the saltwater inlet at da backa your place and feed the local remora. Dey sweet yeah, dem jolis poissons. And dey don't cost nuthin', too.

(Chloe hand-feeding a remora.)

This is your commuter car. (You got some money, you! Dat's de yuppie sportscar commuter. Dat ain't no pirogue, no!)

And dis, cher, is your yacht club. Well, de expensive sidea de club. All dem Lafitte skiffs an shrimp boats be stayin' at de run-down docks opposite dis here. Dis de old money side certainement. (Yes, this is the side opposite the slip of the Zombie Princess.)

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