Friday, May 29, 2009

Motley Penguins rock the house

Thanks to Heather, here's some video of the first-ever performance of the fabulous Motley Penguins:

Motley Penguins video

I don't like the Motley Penguins... I LOVE 'em!

A googolplex of thanks to Heather for sharing this.


Heather has posted several videos from LiG. Here's the followup action from the talent show. Two minutes worth of the incomparable Greybeards. Hey! That's about all you can stand of those characters!

The Greybeards video with their calliphygian backup group: The Hot Backup Chicks.


  1. So glad there's always another gathering!!! Hope you have fun in San Diego. :O)

  2. You guys rock! I'm so glad I got to see the big performance. Anxiously awaiting the next stop on the tour. Do you think I should prepare for groupies?

  3. I wanna be a hot back up chick! LOL didn't see live, but the video was awesome!!!

  4. Flo,
    When the Greybeards play, ya gotta be prepared for ANY eventuality. We're already in secret, internal negotiations and soon we'll be sending our representative, The Sabine Raper (aka Jeff), to discuss our playing time slot with you! wink

    My dear Mandaroo,
    There is no number limitation on Hot Backup Chicks. You wanna be in, you're in! Greybeards are scheming about just how/what to play at Good Vibrations. We'll let ya know!