Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 honest things about me (meme)

Madeline tagged me for this tell-all mini-bio. Here ya go!

1. Death is an old friend; I look forward to it, although I’m not in a hurry to get there.

2. I have more friends than I admit to.

3. My best friend lives in New Orleans and I'm in Seattle. I'd like to hang out with him more often. I'd especially like to take a(nother) long sail with him, like maybe taking his boat from New Orleans to the Caribbean. Ahhhhhh!

4. Many of my/our friends are into vegetable gardening and even ranching-type stuff, at least things like having some chickens. I'm a city boy. That stuff creeps me out. CREEPS me out. Vegetables are in the vegetable section at the grocery and meat is in the meat section, in delightful, clean packages, too, not hanging from a hook as a blood-soaked carcass waiting to be butchered. It'll be a cold day in Hell (Dante's ninth level, as always, being the classic exception) before you see me gardening and we'll be scooping up pails of frozen oxygen to melt for our continued ability to breathe before you see me butchering an animal. I'll have a couple of nice, packaged, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, thank you very much, Mr. Meat-counter Guy.

5. Observers tend to view me as brave, adventurous, and outgoing. Internally, I'm actually afraid of everything, especially other people. My chosen response to fear is to face it, therefore, I engage the thing I fear, which looks like "bravery."

6. I'd like to have a source of methaqualone (Quaaludes) so I could take a couple once in a while for fun. That would be my drug of choice over others I enjoy to a lesser extent, although a nicely-aged red wine is pretty good.

7. Belief in any sort of supernatural woo-woo befuddles me. Organized religion is obviously one of the biggies here but I do not exclude any form of magical thinking. Law of Attraction? Please! Gimme a break. Might as well join a cargo cult.

8. I'm a grammar fascist. We all mistype occasionally, me more than occasionally, and we get colloquial when chatting on the 'net. I accept that kinda thing. However, when I see execrable grammar, Greek syntax (or maybe it's Martian), phonics-inspired spelling of words or phrases which the user mispronounces (and therefore spells very strangely), etc., it makes me cringe. Big-time cringe.

9. I'm VERY nervous about playing music again in public with The Greybeards for the final dance at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. I'm distinctly excited and delighted but I'm also nervous. I want it to be high-quality and extremely crowd-pleasing but I'm unsure of our ability to deliver that. We'll see.

10. I want to go into space. Desperately.


  1. Thanks for playing. I especially loved your meat and vegetable one as I was the same way before marrying an organic farmer. I relate to #8 and #2 as well. And the positive thinking thing so depends on who is spouting it and how. I have a new age aversion.

  2. I think you were brave to do this. Madeline tagged me also and I may do it today...seems a little scary though :-)

  3. Cool!!! I would have never guessed you'd have certain fears and want to go into space.

  4. No worries! A coupla old guys beltin' out some tunes is entertaining enough. No need to be GOOD! But you will be.

  5. I am a total city girl. Grew up eating from Brooklyn butchers. So, I feel ya on that one.

    I think that you guys will rock at GV.

    I admire that you would go into space. Space travel scares the crap out of me. I like feeling like I am in control of where I am going. Another reason I dont like to fly.

  6. I'm totally with you on the food one, and I feel weird about the "Law of Attraction" stuff too. I am spiritual but I feel like LoA is often just "life works better if you don't crap all over yourself" wrapped up in a shiny, misleading package.

  7. I don't think it just looks like "bravery." There is so bravery without fear. Can't exist.

  8. Your cargo cult reference made me laugh out loud. It's something that comes up in conversation in my family more often than one would expect...
    I've never heard of anyone being creeped out by a vegetable garden before! What is it exactly - the soil? The worms? The plants themselves and the fact that the fruits like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants are actually engorged ovaries?

  9. Holly, I'm more *creeped out* by slaughtering animals than by gardening. I simply dislike (hate!) gardening. It's incredibly difficult, dirty, time-consuming work and the result is vegetables, which I don't especially enjoy eating. Beaucoup icky, dirty, sweaty, unpleasant work for negligible payoff when I can, instead, go to Safeway and get a can of corn for less than a buck.