Sunday, June 07, 2009

[Lame] Homeschool meme

Taken from Sandra's FaceBook:

[Disclaimer added Sunday at midday: The [lame] tag describing this meme in no way implies that lameness is, in and of itself, inherently endemic to things done by Sandra Dodd, whether originated or passed on by her. So Sandra, is that sufficient? Will you now get your team of lawyers to stop calling and knocking on my door. They woke me up!]

The subjects:

1. What time do you get up?
Usually 10ish but on any given day something else might be going on. Chloe is often awake on the PM shift. MJ varies.

2. What do your children wear to [UN!]school?
I thought this was a homeschooling quiz! We wear what Fergus calls "life clothes," [That phrase was actually first used by Marty Dodd with Fergus in Corvallis, Or.!] sometimes know as pajamas. Or shorts. Or whatever we feel like wearing. I usually at least put on some underwear before I come downstairs from my room. Otherwise the girls, if they're up, make rude noises at me.

3. What curriculum have you tried and hated? What have you tried and loved?
Curriculum? We ain't got no curriculum. We don't need no curriculum! I don't have to show you any stinkin' curriculum!

4. Who is your most inspirational homeschooling role model?
MJ and Chloe.

5. Abeka, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, or Classical?

6. Favorite response to “What about socialization?”
My favorite response is: How's your wife and my kids?
But seriously, folks, Chloe recently flew home from Atlanta (and, Boy!, are her arms tired!); she was visiting friends there. We drove to the San Francisco Bay area over the Christmas holidays to visit friends there. Friends from England stayed with us just before the LIFE is Good conference. We hung out with several hundred friends at the conference itself. Etc. ad nauseum.

7. Favorite subject?

8. Favorite field trip ever?
Each of our big trips has been a unique experience. Hell, even our little trips are interesting experiences. Favorite trip is like picking favorite daughter.

9. Best thing about homeschooling?
Independence from the schedule and structure of "normal" society.

10. Sports, music, or art?
Yes, thank you.

11. Beautiful script handwriting or lightning fast accurate typing?
Neither fucking one. My penmanship is shit and my typing is only marginally better and pretty slow. Oh, you mean the kids? I dunno. Who cares?

12. Best one-stop shopping for school books?
Again, I thought this was a homeschooling meme. I'm doing a strikethrough on "school." Now, I can answer. Library. And: Amazon, used book stores, new book stores, et al.

13. One subject you didn’t get to this week:
I always use a subject with my verbs. Otherwise, they get lonely. Verbs are just so fucking needy.

14. What will you do when you run out of kids to teach?
My kids, my wife, and I will never stop learning, sometimes separately, sometimes together, sometimes in interesting combinations with others. Learning is eternal.

15. Ever give school books as holiday or birthday gifts?
Do I look like an asshole? Don't answer that. I have given interesting books as presents.

16. Better late or early (delay formal education at home, or start as young as possible?)
No "formal education" ever, thank you very much.

Learning and playing together. That's how we roll.


  1. Fabulous and right on as always Frank! you rock!

  2. Brenna was in the room on her computer just now laughing and reading and when I asked her why, she said.."Have you read Frank's meme? So I did. Definitely a great way to start my Sunday! Delightful!

  3. Laughing in my life clothes!

  4. I see you blamed me for lameness. I was the font of lameness... I'll have to put the lame meme on my blog now to defend myself. :-)

    Those verbs.... whining, pissing and moaning.

  5. That was Franking amazing! I just want to say,
    Frank yeah!!!!!

  6. I should print this out and bring it with me to the next Little League game. One or more of these questions inevitably comes up. No, I really won't, but this made me smile.

  7. I love it! Thanks for the laugh :)

  8. I love this! I even quoted you on my blog. Hope you don't mind. ;-)

  9. Thank you, one and all, for commenting and, Mary, of course you can quote me anytime.

  10. "1. What time do you get up?
    Usually 10ish"...unless awakened earlier by people rightly representing innocent people, in response to my own reckless behavior. (please initial)

  11. Sandra, my triplicate copy of your lawyers' [Yes, that apostrophe is exactly where I want it.] forms is being couriered to you and their headquarters.

    If that's not sufficient, I do know how to commit seppuku, although I admit to being not anxious to try it.