Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nomothesia aner polutropos

This is going around on FaceBook. I'll do it here cuz I don't like FB very much.

Let others know a little more about yourself, re-post this as your name followed by "ology".


What is your salad dressing of choice?
Bleu cheese, mostly

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
Antoine's, New Orleans

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
Not much of a pizza fan. Throw everything you can on there to hide the fact that it's pizza.

What do you like to put on your toast?
Orange marmalade – sweet, not that bitter English stuff


How many televisions are in your house?
4, I think

What color cell phone do you have?
Black, like my heart

Do you have an Ipod?
Got one of those itty-bitty ones as a gift. Not a fan of Apple crap.


Are you right-handed or left-handed?
Right, verging toward ambi.

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
No! Why would I do that?

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
Chloe's bass speaker cabinet

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
Close but not completely


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
A couple, mostly crocs in that shoe style

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
Speeding ticket a year or so ago. Lots in the 60s.

Last person you talked to?

Last person you hugged?




Day of the week?



Missing someone?
My dad. RIP, Marty!

Happy and excited!

What are you listening to?
Vacuum cleaner


Worrying about?
Not much


First place you went this morning?

What's the last movie you saw?
Bad reworking of "Night of the Living Dead"

Do you smile often?
More than I used to

Sleeping alone tonight?
No. Rarely happens.


Do you always answer your phone?
Mostly but I do generally hate the phone.

It's four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
A mistake. I don't do texting.

If you could change your eye color what would it be?
I like what I have.

If you could change your hair color, what color would you change it to?
Return to its non-grey incarnation maybe

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
Don't go to Sonic

Do you own a digital camera?
Family has a couple

Have you ever had a pet fish?
Had a 55-gal tank for a while

Favorite Christmas song(s)?
Christmas in Hollis (Run_DMC) or Santa Claus, Come Straight to the Ghetto (James Brown)

What's on your wish list for your birthday?
Maybe a Caribbean vacation?

Can you do a chin up?
Probably can still do a couple

Can you do pushups?
Maybe a dozen or so

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
Excited. It's like living in one of the sci-fi books I used to read in the 50s.

Do you have any saved texts?
No. Don't text..

Ever been in a car wreck?
A few. Not for more than 40 years, however.

Do you have an accent?
I slide into New Orleansisms sometimes, especially when I'm there or just returned from a visit there.

What is the last song to make you cry?

Plans tonight?
Party with Jerry, Cori, and Molly who are arriving from New Orleans for a two-week visit!

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
Sure. Often. It's where I used to have a tendency to reside. Not so much nowadays.

Name 3 things you bought yesterday?
Didn't buy anything yesterday.

Have you ever been given roses?

Current worry?
Anarchocapitalists trying to continue keeping this country going in a bad direction

Current hate right now?
Anarchocapitalists and willful stupidity. Kinda congruent but not completely

Met someone who changed your life?
Naturally. Ronnie and the two silly characters we produced together.

How did you bring in the New Year?
Sailing on a 47-ft. catamaran on San Francisco Bay. Nice but cold.

What song represents you?
Big Chief (Professor Longhair)

Name 5 people you think will most likely answer this?

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Fuck no! Don't even think that! Oh, you mean like maybe for a quick viewing/visit? Maybe in that case.

Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
Married for almost 19.

Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
One hole in left ear

Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?
Of course. And 4 years from now. And… well, dunno if I'll make 4 more decades, but if I do, yep.

Does anyone love you?

Would you be a pirate?
I have the sailing part down. I'm a great swordsman and used to be a fair shot. I like rum. Not big on the killing and pillaging stuff.

What songs do you sing in the shower?
Doo-wop, r&b, rock'n'roll…

Ever had someone sing to you?

When did you last cry?
February, the month after my father's death, I cried off and on

Do you like to cuddle?

Have you held hands with anyone today?

Who was the last person you took a picture of?
Don't remember

What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
Doo-wop, r&b, early rock'n'roll (It was the 50s.)

Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
New. I only have a couple of old friends.

Do you like pulpy orange juice?
Yes, especially fresh-squeezed

What is something your friends make fun of you for?
My excessive enthusiasm for a new (to me) activity

If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
Yes, definitely

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Probably not, although I do tend to go by my nickname-plus-title "Cap'n Franko"

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
Sure. I grew up on Tabasco. Easy money.

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  1. I would have expected you to answer "Do you have any saved texts?" with "Yes! They're called books."