Monday, August 10, 2009

Football season is upon us

Not that sissy European crap where they run around kicking the ball and tripping each other. American football, where they take lotsa steroids and then wear all kindsa protective gear but get injured anyway.

Our Seahawks season tickets have arrived!

Go, 'hawks!


  1. that sissy euro crap is taking seattle by storm... setting record attendance figures and y'all need to get on the sounders wagon! playoffs for the hawks this year??

  2. Snicker!

    Yeah, the Sounders are pretty electrifying.

    Seahawks will probably do their usual. Screw around. Lose. Win. Lose. Squeak into the playoffs. Lose early.

    But they're fun.

  3. My condolences on hearing of your illness :-).

    Not a dig at the team, just mass-market sports in general.

  4. Hi, Walt,

    I do confess to a plebean fondness for mass-market sports. Baseball and football, anyway. Ronnie and I embarrass the kids when we yell at the tv while watching games.