Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music stuff

I blogged a while back about getting an amp and speaker cabinet for Chloe. The cabinet was rough, so I recovered it using burgundy python tolex (nubbly pseudo-leather stuff) instead of the standard black.

I've also recently built an additional cabinet for my amp.

Click any photo for the supersized view, like if you want a good view of the lovely python-skin amp covering! (wink)

Chloe's amp head.

Cabinet and amp, both covered with the very pimperish burgundy python tolex. Yes, pimperish is a word. They use it on "Pimp My Ride" so it must be a viable customization-world word.

My additional cabinet under "Wolfgang" the Fender Princeton amp.

Here's Synthia in her position.

And our guitars.


  1. That's some... (thinking of the word...) music porn. No, too strong. That's some very fascinating and deeply attractive imagery, for musicians, I mean.

  2. I think "porn" is about right. I always say I'm going to look at "boat porn" when I cruise yachtworld. Cruising music store sites is pretty much the same experience. Actually going into music stores is very dangerous to our bank account. Thank gawd for craigslist.

  3. Very impressive! I hope you have a wonderful trip!! :O)

  4. "Pimperish" is soooo joining my vocabulary. I think I'll go use it now . . .

  5. Cool! I love it. Very useful word. Enjoy it. VBG!