Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP, Mary Travers

This is a great loss to my musical universe. I first saw PP&M in the 60s and, most recently, in this very decade. Their music spoke to me and I'm glad Mary's voice will live on in their records.

Thank you, Mary. Requiescas in pace.


  1. So glad we got a chance to see them, all four of us together, even briefly. I'll never forget Mary smiling down at our daughters. She definitely had that mama-love vibe going on.

    I'm very sad she's gone.

  2. I learned "If I Had A Hammer" in the 3rd grade and I sang it ALL the time. She could really work those bangs.

    I'm sad about her passing, but you are right. Her voice will carry on. those Greybeards!