Thursday, October 15, 2009

Global Climate Change

Apparently today is some kind of international day to blog about this. Ok. Here are my comments.

Lemme start with a quote from Is American Falling Off the Flat Earth? by Norman R. Augustine, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

... a 2004 National Science Board survey revealed that almost 30% of America’s adults do not know that Earth revolves around the sun, 22% do not know that the center of Earth is very hot, and over half do not know that electrons are smaller than atoms. Only half the population is aware that dinosaurs and humans never coexisted... And, according to a NASA survey, fully 15% of America’s adults do not believe that humans have gone to the moon.

Well, isn't that interesting? I've also heard that there's a poll showing that 18% of Americans believe in a flat earth but after a brief search I can't find that poll online to determine its existence or accuracy. Last I heard, Dick Cheney's popularity numbers were hovering around 18% so this number sounds intuitively accurate for the portion of the population which believes in utterly idiotic stuff.

So, for me, given that 30% of the population doesn't know that the earth revolves around the sun and 50% the population thinks that dinosaurs and humans coexisted, how can there be a sensible debate about this issue? "People" (a LARGE percentage of 'em, anyway) are just too stupid - willfully ignorant - to have a useful discussion with, much less a meaningful debate against.

The science is there. Read it. If you can't or don't want to, then just shut the fuck up. Sit in your corner and believe whatever you want but when reality slaps you upside the head... Well, knowing you, when reality slaps you upside the head, you'll blame reality instead of your foolish belief system.

On the flat earth, maybe global climate change isn't a factor. Here in the real world, it is.


  1. Frank, Antonio says "What about the Flintstones?" lol


  2. Frank,you've done it again! loved it - and sharing the link! =)

  3. Thank you Frank! I just read something on FB today from someone who believes the earth is 6,000 years old. Ok, go ahead and believe your creator zapped all this into existance...but 6,000 years old? Seriously? Jeebus, you have to be blatantly ignoring every bit of evidence we now have. It floors me.
    As early as the late 1700's scientists and researchers were figuring out that the earth was millions of years old. Fast forward hundreds of years and people still don't look at the evidence? ok....rant over. I'm sharing this one. Thank you!

  4. When the idiots get to the edge of the earth they'll find that the dinosaurs be dragons!

  5. The fact (facty fact FACT) that the earth goes through climate changes is proven nineteen ways from Sunday. There was a mini-ice-age period 700ish years ago, in Europe. NO DOUBT some of them thought they (people) were causing it by their sinful ways one way or another.

    I don't doubt the climate is changing. I do very seriously doubt it has to do with aerosol sprays or any other sins of man. For people to run around hooting and blaming each other is embarrassing. For people to be shaming their neighbors for using plastic instead of wood is just an excuse to be excitable and mean.

    We can't "halt" the earth's cycles any more than the dinosaurs or later the mastadons could have if they'd come up with sun dances or whatever. Stuff happens. The planet isn't going to be the same temperature all the time, nor have the magnetic pole in the same place forever, judging by what's gone before.

    It IS true that people have always *loved* the thought that the sun or God or rainclouds knew people were down there, and they've always tried to communicate with those forces. Having a climate-stability cult the size of the U.N. is interesting.

  6. The planet and solor system will do as it may, but what harm could polluting much less possibly do?

  7. There is NO doubt that natural climatic cycles happen, there is also NO doubt that it's happening at a rate never before recorded in geological history and that CO2 could be affecting the planet in numerous ways we can't even begin to fathom.

    It's happening in decades rather than a natural cycle that should take centuries. That has to make one wonder about the effects of CO2. Whether it's being affected by us or not, we need to change our energy consumption.

  8. Great post. My take is this. It is very possible that Sandra AND Penta are both correct. Perhaps we aren't having an impact on the climate/global warming. Perhaps we are. In my mind, this is not the foundation for an argument. The foundation should be built on the things that we CAN see every single day. Smog, deforestation, pollution, chemical runoff from farming, hazardous waste from mining, nuclear fallout effects, etc. What could it possibly hurt to clean up our act. I'm not what you would call a "God-fearing individual" (can I get an amen...?), but if you do believe in some almighty being or a book of stories, he did say that we were the stewards of this planet. If you don't believe in God (or "Mr. Sandals"...) you might still understand the point in treating our home as well as it has treated us. Do you keep your home clean? Do you pick up after yourself? Do you not allow CO to build up in your home? Lets take that concept outside so that, if our world does end as we know it, we can't say, "Sorry, it wasn't convenient at the time to take action."
    And, rant over...