Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Share the gratitude #2

Shit! It's Wednesday again already.

I mean... Oh boy! Time for a delighted Wednesday gratitude post! (wink!)

Last time I did this I listed the basic building blocks of my universe. This time I'll be more subjective and specific about the eigenstate and eigenvalues of my life and times. Five more things I'm grateful for.

1. To live in a time when anyone with a minimal level of intelligence and physical ability can learn to fly all by themselves for about the price of a modest used car. A bit more than a hundred years ago, the richest person on earth and/or the most powerful person in the world COULD NOT. Having a pilot's license is miraculous. I love it.

2. Being alive when humanity left home for the very first time and watching live on tv when we set foot on a different celestial body. How can that not move you to tears of amazement? And (speaking with only a teeny, tiny drop of bitterness) we're finally talking about going back! Fuckin'-A!

3. Watching Burt Rutan (recently mentioned in my "adult meme" post) and his tiny band of brilliant mavericks [I refuse to let recent abuse of that word eliminate it from my lexicon. I use it here proudly.] cobble together innovation after innovation in the world of aviation, culminating with SpaceShipOne. A private company, a small private company, sent a reusable manned craft into space for a comparatively negligible amount of money and they're in the process of developing commercial spaceflight. That's so wicked cool I can barely breathe!

4. Speaking of NASA, their renewed interest in space beyond LEO (low-earth orbit) antics is a welcome change from their last coupla decades. Welcome back to what you're supposed to be, a SPACE administration. Live your mission statement, folks: To improve life here, to extend life to there, to find life beyond!

5. This might be even cooler and more meaningful than SpaceShipOne. It's looking like work might actually begin on a space elevator within a decade. In my lifetime, this concept has gone from being a crazy science-fiction gimmick to being close to starting construction. The thought that I might get to ride an elevator into space is staggering. How could I not be grateful for my incredible life?

SpaceShipOne attached to her launch craft, the White Knight.


  1. I may write a gratitude post on my blog and if I do I will definitely talk about how cool science fiction is-- that scientists imagine the future by writing the most wonderful outrageous stuff.

  2. ....and this is why I am so grateful you are posting this every week Frank! Fabulous!