Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December blogfest, kinda

There's a December blogfest being instigated here. Not being much of a joiner, I'm not gonna officially link up and play along but I might do a few of 'em just for the hell of it.

Today's theme is: Trip. What was your best trip in 2009?

I tend to dislike comparison questions like this: best trip, best friend, best sex, etc. I find that concept as strange as the idea of dividing the world into the absolutes of good and evil. Really? I wish someone could explain that to me in a way that makes sense. Anyway, in terms of the theme, I'm gonna do a simple, easy laundry list, linking some of the trips I/we took this year and which I've blogged about previously.

Unplanned January trip to New Orleans for my father's death and funeral. "Best" in the sense of seeing my dad, which was always nice, being there for his death, which was important, and celebrating his life, which was crucial. I love you, dad.

In March, my older daughter, MJ, and I decided to take a surprise roadtrip to New Orleans for a coupla reasons. Chloe was in Atlanta visiting friends, Ronnie was interested in having the house to herself for "a coupla days," and we had a dink we weren't using while Bob in New Orleans needed a dink. Plus selling Bob the dink would pay for the trip. Perfect. We had a great visit and got in some nice sailing on Gort. I love that boat. My trip last Summer delivering Gort is detailed here.

In May, we attended the always-fabulous LIFEisGood Unschooling Conference. We put together a family band and did a song for the talent show there. That was supreme fun, playing music with my wife and daughters. As an added bonus, I fell in with a coupla other unschooling dads and we did a song, too, as The Greybeards with unschooling moms helping us out as The Hot Backup Chicks. Fantasy version of those events is here.

In June, we travelled internationally (to Canada, which is actually just a short drive for us) for some fun with friends. I don't seem to have blogged about it but Ronnie spoke of it here. It's a wide-sky life, indeed, with friends like these.

In September, we loaded up the car, and a U-haul full of music gear, and drove to San Diego for the first-ever Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. I know it's limited and selfish of me to focus on this narrow aspect of that experience but my favorite part of the conference was playing music. After our performance at LIFEisGood, The Greybeards and Hot Backup Chicks wanted to repeat the experience. We negotiated our way into being the house band for the farewell dance on Sunday night at Good Vibrations and it was simply magnificent. I talked about that experience a bit at #3 here. Some of the two dozen songs we played that night are here.

I'm a firm believer in the motif of life as a journey. Life is movement. That's kind of an unspecified, peripheral theme of my #4 gratitude post. Keep on truckin', y'all!

Ronnie calls this shot "Yes we were cruisers!" no doubt because of all the crap festooning the deck. It was taken on Bayou Bonfouca, just a little way up the bayou from Lake Pontchartrain, on the North shore, across from New Orleans proper. It was taken after Katrina but before Rita, which we rode out at anchor in this spot. Now that was a trip!


  1. It's a fun run-down, and it's been a fun year!

    But I am your best wife, right?

  2. Y'all get around....
    I'm saving "Life is Good" for the conference related question later this month. ;) I don't get around as much as you all. Hauxs.....