Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Fuck yeah!

Thanks to Ronnie for twigging me to this. I hadn't seen it yet.

SpaceShipTwo rollout.

Hanging on her launch craft, WhiteKnightTwo, dubbed "Eve," the innovative SpaceShipTwo, VSS Enterprise, is getting ready for commercial spaceflight. This is a seminal day for humanity.


  1. or just another opportunity for us to do to the whole of space what we've done here on Earth.

    I've always been more than a little suspicious of our government's motives in space exploration. I'm not any more trusting of Richard Branson's motives in commercializing space travel.

  2. Sylvia, I don't completely disagree with your assessments. When we go into space, we will fuck things up, just like we've usually done here. We already have acronyms for our current junkification there, e.g. DODO (dead object drifting in orbit). Nonetheless, there is also that component of the human psyche which approaches our current environment and looks forward to the wonders of space with... well, a sense of wonder. *My* motives for supporting space exploration, and I think the motives of many involved, are for the sheer beauty, joy, discovery, and wonder of it all.

  3. Space just doesn't sing to me -- the beauty is lost on me. Space exploration is on Gary's list of favorite stuff, so I watch a fair bit of it, tho I don't pay a lot of attention.