Wednesday, December 09, 2009


A fella named Sam Clemens called it "a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get." The dictionary gives a definition of it but culture gives it meaning. Bakers give it life in the phrase "baker's dozen." It's a little something extra thrown in for free after concluding a significant exchange of goods or services.

This post is a little lagniappe for my readers cuz I just realized that my last post about a moment of peace was my 200th post. I know that, for the prolific among you, that ain't much but I'm miserly with my writing. And slow. I'm kinda amazed that I've made so many posts. I have been many things and will be many more but I am always me.

And I sincerely hope, Dear Reader, that I will always be silly and, perhaps, entertaining, but that's for you to judge. For me, silliness is the achievement.


  1. Seems pretty serious to me. I like the piloting-photos trio there, the plane, the keyboard and the boat.