Monday, December 14, 2009

Rush (December blogfest)

Rush. When did you get your best rush of the year?

I had a lot of emotional "rushes" this year but I've mostly covered those already. Besides, I'm taking this prompt to mean physical, adrenaline-type rushes. I didn't do anything with a huge adrenaline component this past year. SpaceShipTwo has not quite begun flights (and I don't have a loose $200K lying around to fund my presence on one of those joyrides). No spinnaker flying. No glider time. Haven't bought that Velocity airplane yet. We were busy doing social stuff in the Summer and didn't do any rock climbing. (Falling is always good for a lovely rush. Big fun!) Etc. Some exhilirating sailing was probably my biggest rush in '09 with two lovely instances.

I spent the New Year's holiday on the beautiful catamaran of my pal Laureen and her fabulous family. We went for a zippy sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, it was pretty damned cold but it was an exquisite sail with a lovely family on a big fast cat. Delightful.

The second instance was in March when MJ and I drove to New Orleans. My friend Bob's boat, GORT, was about ready to be relaunched after some work in the yard and we went for a couple of sprightly sails on Lake Pontchartrain. I love that boat; a total rush to sail!

Me up forward.

Not on Lake Pontchartrain but a good boat shot.


  1. AW! We love you too! And of course I just realized I never did get around to blogging our sail! WAH!

    Any chance we'll get to do it again this year?? =)

  2. Ah, Laureen, I'd love to see y'all again. However, last year's trip was motivated by the girls' desire to party with Bay Area friends. This year, they're having an unschoolers' party in Salem, OR. Shorter drive, at least. Maybe we'll just send 'em on their own; MJ has her license. They'll follow that with a post-New-Year's party in Seattle. One of these days, Ronnie and I will come to S.F. for a visit and leave the girls to their own devices.