Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shop (December blogfest)

Shop. Online or offline, where did you spend most of your mad money this year?

The thing that comes most directly to mind for this past year is music gear. We disposed of a great deal of income at Guitar Center, Kennelly Keys, craigslist, and even got some stuff from eBay. Overall, we bought:

Guitars: 2 acoustic-electric guitars, 1 electric guitar, and 1 electric bass.

The four facing the camera are the new ones. From left to right: MJ's acoustic-electric (Isolde), Ronnie's acoustic-electric (nameless), Chloe's bass (Cornelius), and my electric (Marty).

Amps: Fender Princeton combo amp, Fender 100B (Bassman) amp head, Peavey Centurion amp head, Fender cabinet (2X15), and another cabinet with one 12" and one 10".

The Fender Bassman head powering the Fender cabinet.

The Fender Princeton (named Wolfgang) sitting on the additional speaker cabinet.

The Peavey amp head under my synthesizer (Synthia), who is 20 years old and, therefore, not part of this year's purchasing.

Percussion: A coupla djembe drums (one seen clearly and another half-hidden by the keyboard stand above, under Synthia and the Peavey) and an assortment of other rhythm devices, many of the small ones in the orange bag seen above.

Plus an assortment of peripheral and/or miscellaneous extras like cords, stands, etc.

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  1. oh man, all those instruments and equipment... ooo love 'em!