Thursday, January 07, 2010


Calling upon my Bergsonian intuition, I'm gonna opine that all bloggers love comments. Calling upon reality and honesty, I'll admit that I love comments, even the strange and unexpected ones. There was that time a coupla years ago when I made a brief throw-away mention of cold fusion as pathological science in a lengthy post which was mostly about common sense vs. gullibility and wound up with a stern talking-to in a series of comments from the librarian for LENR-CANR. Fascinating. That was the first time I emotionally accepted that my blog was openly accessible to the entire series of tubes which comprises the interwebs rather than just being an occult fairy glen in the deep forest at the end of a secret path known only to a bare handful of family and friends, who didn't exert themselves to make the parlous journey there with any regularity. I thought of my blog as the Hades/Inferno/Pandaemonium of Vergil, Dante, and Milton, a locale difficult to access, mostly unpleasantly creepy, and, ultimately, not really worth visiting for sensible mortals. It is, instead, just another cowpie in a vast meadow of cowpies, perhaps a bit stranger than some but a cowpie for all that.

So, anyway, I was greatly pleased and entertained to receive this comment just the other day on a post I made a bit more than a year ago:

Anonymous said: Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

I hastened to post a thank-you as a followup, although I dunno if this particular anonymous saw it. So, I'm turning the whole thing into a new post here.

When I first saw the email which told me that I had a new comment on an old post, I figured it was spam. I get those occasionally because I don't do any moderation. Instead, it was this gracious praise followed by an honest assessment of the author's opinion of my style over delta-T and concluded by an exhortation to continue posting better stuff. (I wonder, however, if anonymous went all the way back to my first real posts - my 3-part math rant, which I consider as heartfelt and creative as anything I've done recently.) All in all, a delightful combination of thoughts rolled into one comment.

Thank you, anonymous, thank you to everyone who has ever commented here, and thank you (and I'm sorry!) to anyone who has ever read anything I've posted. The old folk tune declares, "Have you been to jail for justice? Then you're a friend of mine." I'll paraphrase that to say that if you've waded through one of my self-indulgent blog posts, then you're a friend of mine!

Hello, friend! Wanna go for a ride with me?


  1. I seriously love this blog and always look forward to a new post. You remind me a lot of my brother, which is a good thing ;-)

  2. It's nice when someone else notices and comments, indeed! ♥
    I love evolving blogs; which is why I've not deleted the insipid beginnings to my own. We old dogs are constant proof that one masters a skill by DOing ;) We can thank our children for that inspiration and reminder ")

  3. I have no clue as to the why, but this is spam (I’d be interested to know what this accomplishes for the spammer?)

    Don’t mean to come off all high n' killjoy... I received the exact same comment recently and googled it since I thought i'd seen it before. Yup, it repeats in many, many (MANY) blog comments.

    Not that your blog isn’t getting better and better (though more references to HDS in unusual locales couldn’t hurt).

  4. I got the same comment last week or so. Not sure where it came from either it was anon too. I never commented back. Just assumed they said it to everyone. I have been getting a lot of spam on my comments. I bet it was a mass spam. lol. But your blog is great and I appreciate it!!!

  5. Well, it's interesting that someone would create a spam like that.

    Oh well, it takes all kinds of nuts to make a bowl of mixed nuts. Doesn't obviate my appreciation for my commenters and readers.

  6. I'll come along for the ride, Frank! =)

  7. What does it matter if it is spam? It made you feel good, made you smile, made you feel appreciated. That's a good thing.
    I enjoy your blog, am glad that you choose to share your thoughts with the world. I don't always comment (some subjects are too deep for my shallow mind), but I smile while reading them.

  8. Dear Frank,
    Your cowpie keeps getting better and better. Your old posts are just as good as your new ones, except that math rant, which was unpleasantly creepy for sensible mortals. You have a lot more creativity and originality now that you're old(ish)--keep it up!
    The journey to your cowpie is not as parlous as you fear, at least not as fearful as taking a ride with you! I'll just go wait at the end of that not-so-secret path for your next post cuz I'm a friend of yours!
    And thanks for visiting my cowpie!